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Daily Updates: 

Hasn't been a very good week for Anthony. The radiation that was supposed to help with pain control has had right the opposite affect on him and he has just been in complete misery!

We went to the cancer center today and he talked to the doctor about it and she stopped the radiation at least until we see her again at the end of next week. She said it is defeating its purpose if it is making him worse, and that we will take a break from it and let his little body try to build back up, and then when we see her next Thursday, we will see how it looks then. 

Another terrible painful day for Anthony. Seems there are lot more bad days than good anymore.

He was feeling a little better this morning until he went and had the radiation treatment that is suppose to be "helping with pain".... and  once again, just like yesterday, before we could even get from the Cancer Center to home, he was already suffering unbearably again! This is very concerning to him and to me, because the pain he is having after the radiation treatments is so much worse than the pain before the treatments started.... and THAT is saying a LOT!

I want to thank ALL of you who are so sweetly signing his guestbook on this site, and I assure you that it means a LOT to him. I always check the site at night and if he is able to get up and read the guestbook comments, he does, and if he is too weak to get up, then I read them to him. Thank you for ALL your encouraging words, and Please keep them coming. 

And I know I don't even have to ask you this, but PLEASE continue to keep him in your prayers. Thank you ALL, and God Bless each and everyone of you!

January 9, 2012

Anthony has not been doing as well for the past couple of days. He has started having episodes of just a LOT of vomiting.....We don't really know what to make of this. At first, we thought maybe he had just picked up a stomach virus or something, but now we don't know. I don't know if this is just a progression of the cancer, or a side effect of the radiation, or what. We will talk to the doctors about this when we go back to the Cancer C.enter for his radiation Monday. 

Last Friday, he had a pretty rough start, and was too sick to get out of bed to go and get his radiation treatment, so we had to call and get it put off until Monday.  But later on he got to feeling better and we rode up to Winfield and picked up some meds, and on the way back, Anthony asked me if we could maybe ride over to the duck pond and let him and the boys fish for a little while. So we stopped by the house and grabbed a few poles and took off to the duck pond and they fished and laughed and had a wonderful time for a little while... didn't catch any fish....but had a good time.

Of course, as is usually the case, he was worn out pretty quickly, and was sick and in lots of pain within just a little while after we got home.

He has had a "pretty good and then bad, and then a little better, and then bad again" weekend, which is pretty  much the norm for him now. We are learning to cherish the "good" moments and tolerate the "bad or worse" ones.

He has had some visitors, and in fact we had a  couple of boys that are kind of special to us all, actually even come and spend a couple of nights. Anthony, Brandon, and Austin really enjoyed having Kaleb and DJ spending the night for a couple of nights and it was good to just sit in here and listen to the laughter and 'chatter' as they all enjoyed themselves. Very uplifting for Anthony. 

Our dear long time family friend, Joanne Crawford came yesterday and brought donuts and stayed with us for a while. Once again, very much appreciated! And we are expecting some visitors today... some of our friends from Guin, and some family from around the Birmingham area, and I really hope that Anthony will be able to sit up in the bed and enjoy their visits.  

But he has already been up early this morning, throwing up again and feeling real bad; he is resting now, so I hope that by the time the first visitors comes, he will feel like waking up and enjoying some time with them. If not, then I can only hope they will understand.

Please just continue keeping him in your prayers. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well we had the PET scan this morning and then went on to the cancer center. They called in a verbal report to the doctors while we were still there, and told them that the cancer is NOT in his lungs or his liver, which is wonderful news!

It is all in the spine and ribs. They are not gonna do any more chemo treatments because the chemo knocked him down too bad, and the only reason they were trying to give it to him in the first place was to try to keep the cancer from breaking his bones, and it wasn't working. They said that it would not prolong his life in anyway, and wasn't worth knocking him down so badly so NO more chemo. 

They did start the radiation of the spine, hoping to 'consolidate' that one place that is threatening to paryalyze him. He will be having radiation for the next 15 days, to help with pain control and try to consolidate that one tumor.

They told us today that he will have "maybe" 8 months left to live. Like I told you before, all treatment from this point on is strictly palliative. In other words, they want to control his pain and try really hard to get him comfortable and also, IF the radiation does what it is 'suppose' to do, then by the end of the 5th treatment there should be a drastic reduction in the amount of pain he is having, and possibly even be able to walk a little better. 

We are very excited to have a hope of six months more than we were looking at before, but definitely still praying for a miracle! Please continue to keep him in your prayers and add him to any church prayer list that you may know of. 

I will do my best to keep this page updated regularly. 

Okay, friends and family... you know the routine.... here we are again, begging you for your prayers and begging God for a miracle.

By now, most of you know that the cancer has come back...and this time with a vengence! It INTENDS to take my baby's (and yes I know he is 21 years old, but he is still very much my baby!) life! The cancer has spread into his spine and the doctors are giving him only a few months to live.  
Any treatment that he receives now is palliative treatment....meaning that they are trying to control his pain and make him as comfortable as possible. There is a Large mass that is threatening to paralyze him if they can't get that one 'consolidated', so he has received one chemo treatment this past Thursday to see if his little body can stand it, and if not, then they won't do any more. They will, however, be doing radiation on that one mass to try to stop it from paralyzing him.

We are waiting for a pet scan to see where else this nasty disease may have sneaked into, and the doctors are very concerned about some "New pain" that he is having in and around and under his shoulder. We do not yet know when we will get the Pet Scan. We are at the mercy of the sorry, good for nothings at Alabama Medicaid, who have DENIED EVERY test that Anthony's doctor has requested for the past several months while he just steadily got worse, in more unbearable pain and finally to the point of not even being able to stand and walk without the  help of mobility devices! By the time they finally decided that it was "medically necessary" for him to have an MRI, it was too late...the cancer was already into his spine!  But as soon as those "lovely" powers that be at Alabama Medicaid decide that it is "medically necessary" for him to have the Pet Scan, then we will hopefully be able to know if this cruel disease has spread into his other organs.

I believe that it will be easier for me to keep everyone updated on this page than it is to try to answer each person individually, so please bookmark this page and check it often. 

We love you ALL and we desire your prayers, because even though our own faith is weak, we are trying really hard to hang on to the belief that even though the doctors say he can't live more than a few months, as long as he has breath and God is in Heaven, then God still has this!!! And forgive me for saying this, but we are leaning on YOUR faith and YOUR prayers  to hopefully reach God and get a miracle for my precious son.  I love him with all of my heart, and he was laid in my arms in the delivery room a little over 21 years ago, and has been in my arms EVER since! I can NOT imagine trying to go on with life without him in it!! Please pray. 


Well, Anthony is having problems again. He is in almost constant immense pain and weakness and we are very concerned. The doctor thinks that the radiation may have touched his spine, and has asked for another PET scan, but lo and behold, the lovely Alabama Medicaid has denied the request and refuses to pay for it. Therefore we are in limbo now, unless and until the doctor can either convince medicaid to pay for the scan, or else maybe she can get some other type of scan or test done. We will hopefully find out something soon. Please keep  him in your prayers.

Tuesday, June 21

For today's update, I have chosen to copy and paste Anthony's own words from his Facebook post. They brought tears of joy to my eyes when I read them, and I can't think of any better way to update this carepage today than with these words----

“treatments are winding down, last chemo for awhile was today. i only got six days of radiation to go and thats all of that, and doc still believes that cancers gone. 

I thank everybody thats took the time to pray for me. its worked :) but i esp thank God for working thru that cancer team and healing me. thanks to him this was just a speed bump and not a dead end :)”

Now, I want to personally thank each and everyone of you who has taken the time to pray for my Anthony, and I hope that you will continue to do so. He has 6 more days of radiation, and after that he gets a break for a month before he has to start back on chemo again.  In a few weeks after the radiation, they will be able to do another pet scan to see if the cancer is indeed gone, and if that is the case, then he will only have to have TWO chemo treatments. If that isn't the case, then we have to go to plan B, as the doctor says. But my prayer is that we will go into the hospital for the pet scan and find him totally cancer free!! We are holding on to that hope! And I am also holding on to the hope of him being able to gain some of his weight back during his month off. 

Monday, June 6

Anthony is sick.  Chemo is on hold now, because he is too sick for them to give it to him. The doctor said today that she is "knocking him down now"....She said that it is absolutely spectacular how really well he has tolerated treatment up to this point, but now he is knocked down.  His throat is messed up, he is very weak, and has a bad case of bronchitis. He has now officially been put on the feedings through his feeding tube 6 times a day, because of the continued weight loss. He only weighs 109 pounds now.  They are going to give him medicine through his port every day this week when he goes in for the radiation, and hopefully he will be built back up and feeling better by next week. Please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 1

Anthony is not feeling well today at all. He had a very bad case of hiccups today and was not able to get his radiation, since he has to be completely still to get the radiation, and could not hold his head still. He has not felt good all day today. His taste is almost completely gone, and his throat is bothering him a lot more now. 

Friday, May 20

We are about to head out to the cancer center for his radiation. He is really trying to keep his spirits up, and he does have a wonderful positive attitude through all of this, but in reality, he is very tired and the affects of the radiation and chemo are getting tougher on his little body. He is beginning to have the mouth and throat problems that the doctors told us he would, and his taste is becoming really affected. Please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 11

Anthony's throat is beginning to mess up now, just like the doctor said it would do. It hasn't gotten real bad yet. He can still talk, swallow (so far), and taste, although everything is tasting the same to him now. He says his throat is "very tight", so I fear the swallowing will be leaving soon. The doctor gave him some medicine  to try to help the mouth and throat as much as possible. The radiation and chemo is making him very tired and he sleeps a lot now, but he is still in great spirits and when he is not sleeping, throwing up, or in pain, he still wants to fish.

Thursday, May 5

Well, Anthony's neck is swelling back up. We showed it to the radiation oncologist today, and he said, "well, I'll have to make it go back down".  So, we go back again tomorrow for more radiation. If it is still swelling out more Monday when we go back for chemo, we will see what Dr Rossman says.

Meanwhile, the car that we saved dollar bills and silver change to buy so that we would have transportation to get him to radiation every day for the next several weeks is still sitting out front and will not start, after only running  ONE day. So we are very disappointed about that.  We have already spent around a hundred dollars trying to get it fixed, and we are now out of money and still don't have transportation. Oh well.... no good complaining and whining... just if you will, pray that it will work out some how.

Tuesday, May 3

Today was day two of radiation. Anthony says his neck feels very warm inside and has been very tired and sleepy.

He actually had gained a pound this week, instead of losing. Yesterday, when we got to the cancer center, he weighed 112.6 pounds.

We go back to radiation tomorrow at 11:30. Please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, April 25

Well, Anthony's white blood cells came back up.... now they are high! He has lost another pound this week. He is now down to 111. Doc told him to "eat like a horse this week", because he is starting radiation Monday. For the next 7 weeks or so he will be having chemo every Monday, and radiation every Monday through Friday. We are so not looking forward to this, so please keep him in constant prayer.

This week he is going to eat a lot and fish a lot (on days the weather permits), and try to at least not lose any more weight. Doctor still says that the radiation is going to take away his ability to swallow and that he is going to have a very sore mouth and most likely be very tired. On a lighter note, the chemo has shrunk the cancer enough that she now feels that he will not lose hearing or sight from the radiation. 

Monday, April 18

Well, we went to the cancer center today and Anthony's numbers are really down. His white blood count is low/critical (2.3), red blood count low, hemoglobin low, granulocytes low, everything else was normal. They gave him a shot to build him back up, and he gets a break until his numbers come back up. The radiation oncologist said that he can't touch him with his numbers that low. So, we go back Monday for labs again to see if the shot has helped.

We also talked to the doctors about his terrible leg cramps that he has been having over the past few days and they told him to eat lots of bananas, drink ovaltine and orange juice.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, April 13

Well, we are in to day 3 of this round of chemo, and Anthony isn't feeling so well. He is back to sleeping most of the time, and not feeling very good at all when he does wake up for a bit. He told me earlier that his hair "hurt", and then realized it has begun coming out. When he reached to touch his head, hair came out in his hand. I think that bothered him more than he thought it was going to. Obviously, we had both already been told that this was going to happen, but since it didn't come out with the first round, I think maybe he was hoping it wasn't going to. But he is a beautiful, beautiful young man, and if he doesn't have a hair on his head, he will still be a very beautiful and handsome young man, and I really don't want him to become too depressed over this.

Otherwise, like I said, he isn't feeling as well as he has been. He is mostly just sleeping all the time again, like he did with the first round of chemo. He (thank God) has not yet starting vomiting and being so sick to his stomach this time. I keep hoping that since we actually were able to start his nausea meds this time immediately instead of having to fight with a dang pharmacist, and not get them till a day later, that has helped with the nausea part. He was able to eat some supper last night, but has not yet eaten anything today.

Please keep him in your prayers, as we have two more days to go with this round of chemo. Then he will get another break for a couple of weeks before the chemo/radiation starts.

Monday, April 11

Well, we are up and getting ready to head out for the next round of chemo. Neither one of us is looking forward to this at all, but it must be done. 

Anthony has totally enjoyed this past week of freedom and fishing and relaxation. He is so hoping that this round of chemo doesn't knock him down as bad as the last round did. Please keep him in your prayers, and I will update again tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, April 7

Not much new to tell right now.... Anthony has really been enjoying his break from chemo, and having a few days to get out and fish and relax at the lake. 

Please keep him in your prayers as he has to go back this coming Monday for the next round of chemo. 

Monday, April 4

Anthony has not seemed to be feeling as well today as he has been. That kinda worries me, but I reckon he is okay. He had labs today and the nurse told him that his numbers were still good. But he has just been really tired and droggy today, more so than the past few days. 

Sunday, April 3

Sorry I haven't updated this weekend, but Anthony and I decided that while he has a break from chemo and is feeling pretty good, we would just go fishing! So that is what we have done for the past two days in a row. We both love fishing very much and haven't been able to go in a couple of years or longer, so we just took off. We didn't catch a lot of fish, but we had a lot of fun and it is very relaxing sitting at the lake. 

We go to the cancer center for labs in the morning and then back next Monday for the next round of chemo, so please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Friday, April 1

Other than just the normal stress of the first day of the month, (figuring out bills, and how much we can give to each one LOL), this has been a pretty nice day. 

Got Anthony an appointment for next Tuesday at the doctor's office for them to look at his feeding tube and make sure everything is good with that. 

He is feeling pretty good today, other than being tired from all the running around. 

Please just continue to keep him in your prayers. We are really hoping for a lot more of these good days between now and April 11th when he has to start the next round of chemo. He is not looking forward to that.

Thursday, March 31

Well, we got a call today from the cancer center, telling us that they had made a mistake on Anthony's appointments. Turns out that he will not be going for chemo Monday after all. They made that appointment a week too early. He will only go in for labs Monday morning, and then back the following Monday, April 11th for the next round of chemo. I am very thankful that they caught their mistake, because he and I would have  been none the wiser, and I am afraid to think of what it could have done to his body if they had given him the chemo a week too soon!

Anyway, he is feeling okay today, and especially since we got that phone call. He is really happy about having another whole week off from the chemo. 

He is still having some discomfort in his stomach where the feeding tube is. I called the doctor's office today and they didn't seem to think it was anything to worry about, but of course told me, 'if you are uncomfortable about it, we can make him an appointment to come in".  So we are gonna see how he is feeling tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 30

Today has been another pretty good day. Anthony hasn't really felt bad, other than having some pain in his stomach. He and I got out of the house for a little while this morning.  He had a couple of visitors this afternoon. 

Hoping for more good days the rest of this week, and then we have to go back to the cancer center Monday to begin round 2 of chemo. Please continue to keep him in your prayers, and I will update again later on or tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 29

Anthony hasn't felt as well today. He has been having some pain in his stomach, and also more pain in his head and neck.  I guess there are just gonna be good days and bad days, and this one isn't exactly a bad day, but just a "not so good one". He is still up walking around and things, just not feeling so well.

Had a couple of visitors today; one friend wanting to take him fishing, but he didn't feel like going, and another stopped by to pray with him.

Monday, March 28

This has been a real good day, so far. We went to the cancer center for labs, and Anthony's numbers are all still in the good range. He has been feeling a lot better today than yesterday.  He actually was able to get out at Walmart and go in and bought himself a new shirt and wallet that he was in bad need of, and we stopped by the Marion County Lake and he got out and visited with Mickey for a few minutes before we went on to the cancer center.

He has eaten good today, and kept it down, so that is a  big plus for him. I hope he continues to feel better this week, since Monday will start another round of chemo. After that round, he will get another break for about 10 days, and then go back for both chemo and radiation. I am really hoping to be able to take him fishing before that starts.

Sunday, March 27

Today has been a pretty good day for Anthony so far. Just a little stomach problem, but nothing we can't handle with plenty of fluids. 
He has actually been up and walking around most of the day today. Even went with me to Walmart for a few minutes to get bandage supplies and cat food. We stopped back by taco bell and grabbed a few tacos and he was able to eat one taco and so far it is still down. He said his stomach "feels a little wierd", but no vomiting so far. 

He is back in bed resting now, but all in all, this has been a pretty good day. I hope he has some really good days while he is on the break from chemo for the next week or so.

Saturday, March 26 

In Anthony's words, "this is just a groggy, yucky feeling day so far."  He just doesn't feel very good today at all. 

Hoping he will feel better later on. I will probably update again later on today or tonight, depending on how he does through the day. Right now, he is going back to sleep for a while. 

Friday, March 25 

We went to the cancer center at 12:30 today for them to unhook Anthony's chemo pump, so now he gets a break for two weeks. We go back Monday for labs, but no more chemo until April 4th. I hope he perks up a lot while he is getting this break. The first round of chemo really knocked him down a lot more than we thought it would. But he has actually been up walking around quite a bit this afternoon, and ate good, and we even went and visited with my brother and sister-n-law for a little while this afternoon and he made it just fine. I was so proud to see him able to walk around and enjoy himself for a little while today, for the first time since Monday!

The guy from Lincare Infusion came today and delivered a month's supply of formula and syringes for the feeding tube. 

Thursday, March 24 

Anthony is still sleeping most of the time. The chemo has really knocked him down a lot faster than we really thought it would. But he is resting comfortably, so I guess that is a blessing in itself. 

We did go to the cancer center this morning and let them hook him up to some fluids, steroids, and nausea med, because of the fever scare and the bad night last night. I believe that helped him, because he actually came home and ate a banana and drank most of a cold drink and has kept it down so far.

We are so thankful to have such a wonderful support team at the cancer center. Those doctors and nurses are absolutely WONDERFUL to him, and that to me is part of the battle right there.  If you have doctors or nurses that have a bad attitude, it just seems to make you feel even worse than you already did to begin with.  Anthony is so very blessed with the doctors that are caring for him.  He really loves them, and they treat him with kindness and  much compassion.

We were finally able to get most of his medicines. There are a couple of things that medicaid supposedly won't pay for that we will check in to later on and try to find a way to get them, but he got the biggest part today. And he has been approved for a year's worth of all his feeding tube supplies and formula, so we will receive some of that tomorrow. They will deliver that to our front door, and I am thankful for that. 

We go back to the cancer center tomorrow at 12:30 just long enough for them to unhook his chemo pump and then he gets a two week break from the chemo. 

Wednesday, March 23 

Anthony is not feeling well this evening. He got out of the house today and rode with my sister, my niece, and I to Walmart for just a few minutes, and didn't even get out of the truck, and it was still too much for him, I reckon. We weren't in there 15 minutes, and yet when we came out he was weak and very tired, so we came straight home and let him get back in bed, and he just immediately fell asleep. 

I woke him at 4 to take his meds and he again just fell right back asleep. It tears me apart to see him this weak and sick!  I guess it is from the chemo.

I really hope that he will feel like waking up and eating some little something later on.

We are still going around in circles with the pharmacy and the home infusion supplier, and medicaid, but hopefully it will be resolved by tomorrow. I talked with medicaid for the THIRD time today a little while ago and the lady assured me that everything would be updated by tomorrow and that he would definitely be able to get the rest of his prescriptions filled then. I hope she is right. This day has been completely frustrating and nerve wrecking.

Tuesday, March 22 

Well, we were hoping that he had a few days before the chemo starting making him sick, but that does not appear to be the case. He woke up very nauseated this morning.

 I am having a WHALE of a time trying to get his medicines, because medicaid still has not kicked in yet, so that is not making things any easier. But I was at least able to get some assistance this morning to get one of his nausea meds filled. Thank God for that much!!  And thanks to a very sweet friend sending him 25 dollars in the mail this morning, we were able to use that to get part of his pain med filled. The rest will just simply have to wait until medicaid decides to get off their butts. It is so completely frustrating to see your child (and yes I know... he is 20...but he is still MY baby boy!!!) lying in a bed too sick to even talk on the phone, much less get up and do anything!  I know in my mind that I am doing everything that I can do, but I still feel so helpless!!

Anyway, I will update more later on. Just please keep praying. 

Monday, March 21 

It was a VERY LONG day today. We got to the cancer center at 9:15 and they hooked Anthony up to fluids while we waited to see the doctor. In a few minutes we did see her and she told us that the pet scan results were better than they were expecting. The cancer is stage 3, and is farther back from the nose than what we had been told this whole time (I kinda think God backed it up!), and has only spread into the right side of the neck. It has not spread into the left side, nor to any other parts of his body, as they were fearing. So that made the doctors very excited and hopeful now about getting him through this!!

As soon as the bag of fluids ran through him, they hung the first bag of chemo (I can't remember the name of it), and after it ran, they hung the bag of cisplatin. After that one, more fluids, and after the fluids they hooked up his pump with the 5fu that will pump in to him 24 hours a day until we go back Friday afternoon to have the pump unhooked.

We were there ALL day today, and apparently that is what our Mondays will be like each time we go for the chemo. But when we go back Friday to get the pump unhooked, he will get a two week break from the chemo. We will go back Monday the 28th for labs. 

Sunday, March 20 

Today has been very quiet and pleasant so far. Anthony seems to be having a very good day. He actually ate good today, for the first time in a few days. He is very quiet today, I assume he is thinking (as I am) about having the first chemo treatment in the morning. Please  just keep him in your prayers and I will post again either later today or tomorrow after we come home. 

Saturday, March 19 

Today has been an 'alright' day. Anthony actually got out and rode to Walmart for a few minutes. I think it was good for him to get out for a few minutes, even though I know it made him very tired. 

Once again, let me remind you that he starts chemo Monday morning and really needs your prayers. We love each and every one of you and we are both very thankful for your prayers and concern.

Friday, March 18 

Not a lot to say today; Anthony is just not feeling well. He isn't sick to his stomach any more or anything like that, but "just don't feel good", he says. He is still having quite a bit of pain in his stomach from the feeding tube being put in. I guess it will just take a few days for that to ease up. I really hope he is feeling better by tomorrow, because I would like for him to have his strength built back up and be feeling better before he has to go Monday morning for chemo. 

I am kinda wondering if part of the reason he is feeling so bad might be from the stress and anxiety of knowing that he is about to start treatment, and not really knowing what to expect from it. Please keep him in your constant prayers, and I will update later on or tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17 

Anthony is still not feeling well today. He has had a lot of vomiting throughout the night, and I have been on the phone with hospital last night, and the cancer center this morning. He has managed to keep a little fluids down this morning and  actually ate a banana a little while ago, which thankfully, has also stayed down so far. He is sleeping a lot today, but that is alright. Hopefully when he wakes up, his stomach will feel better, and he can get something to eat and drink and get his strength back. I guess yesterday was harder on him than we expected it to be. Please say an extra prayer for him today. 

March 16th 

We are home from the hospital now. We got there at 9 this morning and were finally turned loose to come home around 3:30 this afternoon.

They did Anthony's pet scan this morning. I assume we will hear from it around the first of the week. I really don't know how long it takes for that.

After he came back out from the pet scan, we went up to the second floor for his surgery, to insert the port and feeding tube. That took about an hour and he was back in his room. And the rest of the afternoon was spent in the room waiting for him  to wake up good, and waiting for lab results, nutritionist, and instructions, and all that.

Now we are home, and we hopefully don't have to go anywhere else for the rest of this week. We were told today that he is having Chemo Monday morning. So we have to be at the Cancer Center by 9:15 Monday morning for that, and I don't know yet how long that will take. All I know for sure is that they told me to be sure we bring a lunch. So it sounds like we may be there for a while Monday. 

I will update more later on when I know more. 

March 15 Update:

Not much to say;  we were at the doctor and hospital all evening making preparations for the pet scan which will be done at 9:30 in the morning,and then afterwards they will be inserting his port and feeding tube. So it looks like it will be another long day tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers and we will update again when we get back home tomorrow evening.

Monday, March 14th 

Tomorrow we will see the doctor at 3:00 pm, and this is the doctor that will be doing the port and feeding tube. He will not do it tomorrow, though. All he will be doing tomorrow is explaining it all to us and scheduling it, most likely for either Thursday or Friday.

The pet scan is scheduled for 9:30am Wednesday.

Other than that, there is really nothing to tell today. We will update again tomorrow night.

Thank you so much for visiting Anthony's Care Page. Please sign the guest book on the home page and keep him in your constant prayers.